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"It was my 4th experience with MFT and they always take proper care of the parcels/courier in their warehouse which gives me an assurance of ensured delivery with safe packaging"
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Rudy Hughes
"Bulk storage and fast in/out service is what I like most about MFT. "
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Tyler Ross
" We usually keep on importing and exporting items from Kenya, storing and managing inventory movement is easy with team MFT. "
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James Arthur
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We can manage your bulk inventory, pallets, cross-docking, lot controlled inventories, quality control and most anything else you want to throw at us. We ship to major retail stores and large distribution centers every day. We understand the importance of Compliance and retailer-specific routing guides to ensure your products make it to their destination accurately and efficiently.


Processing Time: 48-hours turn-around time means credits, refunds, new orders and happy customers.
Product Returns Data: we provide the data from your customers on why your products are being returned.
Customer Experience: your customers have real-time data on their product returns without calling your team (tracking, status, etc).
Liquidation: utilize our teams to clear inventory from markets of your choice.
Product Returns Program Analysis: use our team to evaluate your returns to ensure it’s within the scope of industry best practices.
Shipping Costs: reduce overall shipping product return costs by letting us handle it for you

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We rely on a stable, continuously improving platform to manage all orders; its state-of-the-art control panel allows customers complete control over their inventory and SKUs, and enables a high degree of accuracy. At every step of the order fulfillment process, we employ fully qualified and professionally-trained staff. They are trained to know everything they need to about each of our customers’ business, ensuring accuracy and error-free order fulfillment, every time. Our reputation is built on honesty, trust and unswerving dedication to excellence. We are committed to your success, as it guarantees ours, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of performance.


Because we help many online merchants get organized and get online, we can offer our developers to assist you in setting up e-commerce systems that grow with you.

Trust: Plain and simple, you can trust MFT for managing your fulfillment start to finish.
Best Client Experience: We care about you, your products and doing things right the first time.
We Are Quick: 24-hour order shipping. Happy customers = happy clients.
Real People: Every client gets a Client Coordinator who you can speak with daily.

Offers we are offering

Offering 1% COD collection for new clients for a limited period.
Dedicated customer service desk for 1 month
Free returns processing for 1 month
Free warehousing for one month for clients with more than 20 orders per day

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