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"I am extensively happy with MFT’s E- commerce services, their services integrate seamlessly with our e-store and complete process works instantly. It was instant and on time what I always look for. Thanks guys !!"
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Finley Garcia
"We have worked with multiple partners but I must say team MFT does deliver what they commit and vouch for."
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Rowan Lee
"We recently started shipping for African countries from Asia, with a partner like you guys it has been smooth. Cheers! "
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Shawn Wright
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E-commerce order fulfillment and drop-ship order fulfillment are absolute “musts” for businesses these days. Doing it well, is the key, which is why MFT Fulfillment is the Best order fulfillment services company available in East and Central Africa. We provide complete services for receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers. We rely on a stable, continuously improving platform to manage all orders; its state-of-the-art control panel allows customers complete control over their inventory and SKUs, and enables a high degree of accuracy.


  • An order is placed on your website into your shopping cart
  • This order appears in our cloud-based warehouse management system almost instantly, through an API integration, where your shopping cart talks to our cloud-based system
  • The order is registered in our system, where it instantly gets available inventory reserved for it
  • MFT pick-pack-ship teams then electronically picks the items by barcode in the order and place them into a bin for packing
  • The packing team scans each barcode to ensure correct and all items are included with the order
  • We then ship the orders by the method of shipping that either you or your customer has chosen
  • Once the orders have tracking, that information synchronizes back to your website
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  • Rate-Shop Shipping (get the best value based on dimensional weight)
  • A complete e-commerce and drop-ship order fulfillment solution
  • Shopping cart integration to our system, which automates the transition of orders
  • For a complete listing, send your details and our team member will reach out to you with more details.
  • E-mail shipment tracking notifications
  • Web-enabled shipment tracking
  • Automatic address correction/verification
  • Inventory synchronization
  • The Best Order Fulfillment Services, guaranteed


Because we help many online merchants get organized and get online, we can offer our developers to assist you in setting up e-commerce systems that grow with you.

Trust: Plain and simple, you can trust MFT for managing your fulfillment start to finish.
Best Client Experience: We care about you, your products and doing things right the first time.
We Are Quick: 24-hour order shipping. Happy customers = happy clients.
Real People: Every client gets a Client Coordinator who you can speak with daily.

Offers we are offering

Offering 1% COD collection for new clients for a limited period.
Dedicated customer service desk for 1 month
Free returns processing for 1 month
Free warehousing for one month for clients with more than 20 orders per day

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