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"The customer support is really amazing as they are always available to help out.I would highly recommend MFT and will definitely be using it in the near future too."
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Cynthla Rolland
"We were lacking Cash on Delivery and return shipping! Happy to partner with you guys."
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Sam Walter
"The entire process of MFT is very transparent and simple.Easy and trustable. The best feature they carry is verification of address and its correction if required. It ensures the delivery at the right place always thus trust comes automaticall."
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Mark Wolsh
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Did you know according to a study 92% of consumers will buy something again if returns are easy. Most of the time online sellers take a step back when it comes to cash on delivery and return shipping. This in todays era is one of the critical edge over other similar businesses as it helps with better customer experience and greater trust with the customer. MFT fulfillment services helps you in providing the products at the doorstep of your clients and provide you a reliable and affordable prices with other added features like COD and return shipping with digitally tracked orders. We ensure that your customers are happy and we grow together with the strong footprint we have in the African continent.


  • The orders you want to deliver are delivered as per same process like an order for e-commerce is processed.
  • The Delivery agent collects the invoice amount of a consignment before handing over the item to its consignee in the form of cash at the time of delivery.
  • The collected cash is then deposited to the e-commerce company/ seller’s office or bank account based on the method of payment agreed upon.
  • In case for a regular prepaid order delivery or a cash on order delivered earlier, the agent goes to the pick up location requested by the seller/e-commerce company.
  • The agent verifies the condition of the product, packs and receives the goods on the sellers behalf and ships it to the requested address while pickup.
  • The seller can process the order with refund, exchange or repair with their customer after receiving the item at their end and verifying the product.
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We rely on a stable, continuously improving platform to manage all orders; its state-of-the-art control panel allows customers complete control over their inventory and SKUs, and enables a high degree of accuracy. At every step of the order fulfillment process, we employ fully qualified and professionally-trained staff. They are trained to know everything they need to about each of our customers’ business, ensuring accuracy and error-free order fulfillment, every time. Our reputation is built on honesty, trust and unswerving dedication to excellence. We are committed to your success, as it guarantees ours, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of performance.


Because we help many online merchants get organized and get online, we can offer our developers to assist you in setting up e-commerce systems that grow with you. 79% of consumers want free product return shipping and 67% consumers check the returns page before purchasing, so you would not like to loose out on the larger pie, lets partner.

Trust: Plain and simple, you can trust MFT for managing your fulfillment start to finish.
Best Client Experience: We care about you, your products and doing things right the first time.
We Are Quick: 24-hour order shipping. Happy customers = happy clients.
Real People: Every client gets a Client Coordinator who you can speak with daily.

Offers we are offering

Offering 1% COD collection for new clients for a limited period.
Dedicated customer service desk for 1 month
Free returns processing for 1 month
Free warehousing for one month for clients with more than 20 orders per day

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